Schools will open as long as there is under a 3% citywide rate of infection.

There are several scenarios:

Cases of COVID School Response

  • If there are one or two confirmed cases in a classroom the whole room will transition to remote learning while students and staff quarantine for 14 days

  • If there are at least two cases in multiple classrooms the entire building closes and all students transition to remote learning while contact tracers investigate. The investigation could result in two possible outcomes:

  • Only the students and staff who have come in contact with those cases will quarantine for 14 days while learning remotely

  • The entire school will quarantine for 14 days while learning remotely

  • If there are multiple cases in one school and contact tracers cannot determine a link between them, the school will close for 14 days with all students learning remotely.

  • “If we can’t know for sure that there is no further transmission going on in the school, then we will determine… that we’ll keep the school closed and everybody in the school quarantines for 14 days,” Dr. Ted Long, head of the city’s test and trace program, explained.

  • Additionally, if the rate of transmission begins to rise across the city, all schools may have to close and switch to full-time remote learning.Type your paragraph here.